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Women’s Authentic You


We offer women the power to change. 


This program has been designed to develop feelings of trust and self-confidence as well as a host of additional emotional and behavioral improvements that are brought about when working with a horse. The horse is a highly sensitive, intuitive animal that can read and feel your energy.  As a prey animal, the number 1 thing a horse naturally wants is to feel is safe! A horse will feel safe when they are approached with authenticity (no confusion within). 


When working with a horse, you must be authentic by allowing your true vulnerable self to step forward in order to be an effective leader to the horse and to yourself.  It is this process of having to be authentic, to be open and honest with yourself  that will put you on the path to knowing the “real” you. It sounds simple, but living authentically, without pretense or fear is one of the most difficult tasks for humans in our society. 


Being genuine with your own emotions, thoughts, goals and ambitions is not something that most women are comfortable with.  For many reasons women find themselves hiding ongoing battles with severe depression, feelings of sadness, loneliness and anxiety.   Many women are crippled by thoughts of self-hatred. 


Ask yourself:

  • Are you embarrassed because you have so much in your life and cannot understand why you would have such feelings?

  • With so much emotional pain do you find it tough to get out of bed? 

  • Are you craving an emotional balance? 

  • Are you just exhausted from the thoughts in your brain?

  • Have you measured your own self worth through the eyes of others?



Our workshops at Sher-Lynn Meadows are not designed to be quick fixes for you. They are designed to be a process through which you take the responsibility of finding your own road to happiness, no matter what place you are in your life or the size of the burden you carry.


The power of working with the horse is that they are honest and non-judgmental in their communication .  The horse’s pure honesty and their open responses to you will help you find the authentic parts of your being and live in tune with them. 


Being truly authentic with yourself will help you balance who you really are in the present moment of time ,and guide you in creating a workable balance between your inner being and how you choose to present yourself to the outer world. Improving your own  emotional health takes work. There’s no magic fix – it’s a process of self-discovery.



Join us to begin your process of self-discovery



As a human being, a large part of our emotional well being can be linked to our ability to connect with others. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, old or young, successful or just starting out on your path, if you don’t allow yourself to tell your own truth and experience vulnerability, you won’t be able to connect with the horse or with other people. 



Typically as women we tend to care for and nurture others but we most often fail to  consider doing the same for ourselves.  We will spend money on our outer-selves on a monthly basis so we feel that we are presentable to others, but are we are seldom willing to invest the resources (both time and money) on our own emotional well- being as we fail to value our own self-worth.  

Aren't you worth it?  Life is way too short to wait to discover the true authentic YOU!   Now is the time for you to take action!

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