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Sherry and Sandy would like to thank and acknowledge  the following people for their assistance and support in following our dream:


Dave Baigent – Sher-Lynn’s Property Manager extraordinaire, landlord and hay supplier!  He also works for free!


Mayah Porter – for her energy, good will and her unfailing  faith in both of us and what we are trying to do.  You’ve opened our eyes to the power of youth.


William Baigent/Logan Baigent/Merissa Clowater/ Gavin Clowater for your significant skills in finishing our seemingly endless construction projects. The classroom and driving shed look great!  You guys rock!


Rest of our family members (Russell, Brad, Jake and Laurie):  For helping us clear away years of rubbish, for assisting  when you could, and for understanding when we’ve had to miss meals and family functions because we get caught up in our projects.


Sharon Heldmann – for both her financial support and encouragement


To those individuals who’ve donated their time in coming out to programs to help us become that much more professional:  Beth Watson, Jo Anne Voigt, Karen Newman, Teresa Pinches, Maureen Gill, Melissa Hilton, Stacie Johnston, Keita Campbell, Netasha Bruce, Melanie Thorton and Myah Porter.


To our boarders who have so graciously allowed us to introduce your beautiful animals to our program.


To those of you who’ve made monetary contributions to help keep this dream going: Jo Anne and Brian Voigt


Our brother Lyle who is with us in spirit  and who inspires us daily to embrace others who may appear damaged or different  by being kind.  His life was a testimony to tolerance, and an acknowledgement our time here is limited so make it count!


And lastly to our horses who show us each day the importance of being in the moment, of being honest and respecting yourself.

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