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Forms and Documents

Congratulations on taking the first step in a journey that will change your life. We are so excited that you’ll be visiting our farm soon! 


As part of the program will include discussing and reviewing printed materials, please bring your reading glasses with you if you normally need them to read. 


Please make sure to dress for the weather conditions as our programs may be held out of doors if weather permits.  Our indoor arena is not heated in the wintertime.  That means if it’s cold outside – wear a hat, mitts and warm clothes.  If it’s wet and muddy – wear rubber boots if you have them!  If its hot and sunny – bring your sunscreen and wear a hat! Special note on footwear – please no open toed shoes!



In preparation of your visit to Sher-Lynn Meadows, we ask that you take the time to review our Farm Rules


There are several documents that we require participants to sign on their first visit to our facility. In an effort to save some time, please print off and complete the following documents and bring them with you when you come. 

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