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Jo Ann Voigt, Graduate of Program

I became aware of Sher-Lyn Meadows at a very low part of my life, having just lost 3 very close family member, I just wanted to close myself off from everyone.

I found going once a week to the farm to be around horses gave me something positive to look forward to.


Derek Sands, Participant

To focus my intent on being a leader and to understand that this will help me in any relationship.

Going forward, I can feel more confident in my approach to communicate in any situation if I take the time to practice these principles I learned from working with my horse.

Brent Sands,  Participant

Today I learned that I have alot of room for growth.  I do have some of the qualities to be a leader but its hard/difficult to stay in that zone.  I would like to be there more. 

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