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Healing Journey

 Our program compliments the work carried out by organizations and therapists that are helping people to rebuild their lives after trauma. The individuals who participate in our program want to take action to work on the problem and the symptoms that they are dealing with in their lives.

Many individuals  come to point in their lives when they begin to acknowledge that some of their coping mechanisms from their past may be self destructive or limiting. This program is designed to replace those old coping mechanisms with honest effective life skills that will help them move forward in a more productive, healthy manner.

This 12 week life skills development series is designed to aid clients in their own journey and to help them to move forward with confidence. This series has been designed to provide direction and assistance for individuals  who are rebuilding their lives from trauma, PTSD symptoms, sexual exploitation, depression, anxiety, attempted suicide, addictions or homelessness. 

The short video clip below may specifically speak to "women at risk" but the concept is universal whether we are speaking about men, women or youth who have been traumatized, may have addiction issues, suffer from PTSD or are dealing with other mental health issues (depression, anxiety, severe stress.)

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