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Our Team.

As a survivor of early childhood trauma, Sherry will be the first to confirm that her relationship with her horse saved her life. The intuitive nature of the horse and the strong bond of loyalty and respect helped Sherry through some difficult life moments. She had been searching for a way to help others with similar life experiences and was thrilled when she found the EAL BuildingBlock Learning program series. Sherry’s life long love affair with horses and her firm belief in their benefits led her to become a Certified EAL facilitator in 2017. She and her older sister Sandy started their company, Sher-Lynn Meadows in 2020 and are enjoying the experience of bringing this life changing program to others.  Sherry and her husband Laurie have two sons and live on a nearby dairy farm.

Sandy is a firm believer in being a “thriver” not just a “survivor” when it comes to experiencing early childhood sexual assault. She realized that the coping mechanisms she utilized to live through her experiences as a child were not always effective in her adult relationships. Sandy had witnessed the truly significant life changes that Sherry experienced through the EAL program and wanted the opportunity to assist in bringing this life altering program to others.  Sandy joined her sister as an EAL facilitator in 2020 and along with her family, converted her dairy farm into the current Sher-Lynn Meadows facility and is inspired when seeing how this program brings positive changes to participants. Sandy and her husband Dave have been blessed with 3 sons and currently have 3 grandchildren.

Our horses are the all stars of our team!

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