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Corporate Team Building

Group June 2022

Workplaces have changed!


In response to restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic  many organizations and businesses have drastically changed their business model by having many or all of their staff working remotely from home on a full time /part-time basis.  Many businesses have found that this type of business  model works for them and do not anticipate a return to the “old model” of having all employees work in the same physical location.   


While this new “remote” workplace model can be beneficial from a financial perspective many organizations and businesses report that their staff retention rates have dropped significantly, with many employees (both newly hired and long term employees) reporting feelings of isolation and experiencing a  sense of being disconnected from fellow workers and management.


To add to those significant staffing concerns, organizations and businesses are experiencing many senior employees opting to retire rather than work remotely or return to the workplace, leaving younger, less experienced staff members having to take on those vacated leadership roles.


Many organizations and businesses  have attempted to address staffing concerns by utilizing social networking technology.  Virtual staff meetings allow staff to gather regularly in front of their computer screen to see and speak with each other.   During these virtual meetings, communication for attendees is limited to what they see and hear on that virtual screen. Your staff and management are trying to build and maintain strong working relationships based on trust and mutual respect while only being able to look at each other on a virtual screen.


Now, more than ever before, members of your staff must have strong communication skills and an understanding of the importance of active listening.


Horses bring Learning to Life

Horses are the masters of leadership and teamwork. The skills and behaviors needed to work successfully with our horses are the same skills and behaviors that will take your team’s performance to the next level. As you work as a team, your horse partners will act as a real time performance review, providing honest, immediate feedback.  

This hands-on learning experience which focuses on the importance of clear communication, active listening, respecting others boundaries and learning styles will provide an opportunity for lasting learning for your team that can be effectively paralleled to what it takes to be effective and successful in your workplace and in their own personal lives.


Results Driven

The foundation of our team building events is our proven experiential Equine Assisted Learning curriculum. Each exercise has been carefully developed and tested through research and is objective-based allowing us to customize this experience to meet your organizations specific needs.  We work closely with our clients to ensure each program is specifically tailored to address your organizations recognized objectives. 


Professional Facilitators

Our team of Certified EAL Facilitators are passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds. We are aware of the challenges and opportunities your team may face every day in your organization.   You will be astounded at how your experience with our horses during the program can be translated into the skills and behaviors of high performing teams.


Professional and Personal Development

Our programs offer a unique approach to Leadership and Team Development for professional and personal growth.

Our research based programs involve interactive group challenges that maximize learning potential and help participants develop individual and team based skills.

We work closely with our clients to ensure each program is specifically tailored to address their particular objectives.

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