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Sherry Heldmann

I have lived and worked on our family dairy farm with my husband Laurie for the past 30 years and have raised two wonderful young men.  Throughout the years I have worked both on the farm and off the farm to help support our family. 

As I am a bit more reserved than my sister Sandy, I tend to let her do most of the talking.  I get the most enjoyment from facilitating out in the arena, working with the  participants and our horses.


 Working with my sister to bring these programs to others has been a very rewarding experience and I'm excited to share our program with others.

My Story

I can relate to those individuals who are living with serious mental health issues and are looking for ways to improve their mental health.  I understand those individuals who need some assistance in finding ways to be happier in their own lives.  As with many survivors of early childhood trauma, I found that my ability to trust the actions of other humans was almost non-existent.   My relationship with my horse saved my life.  The intuitive nature of my horse  and the strong bond of loyalty and trust I formed with him helped me get through some pretty difficult moments in my life.

It was the ability to work with horses that first drew me to this program.  As a participant, I had first hand knowledge of the impact this program could have.  It was seeing firsthand how this program could help improve peoples' lives that led me to make the decision to become a Certified Facilitator in 2017. 


I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Programs.


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